14 July 2009

Deep South

My friend Mirinda made this cool video about the health volunteers in our district. Check it out.

Pictures, Finally!

Pictures from our girls' conference.

Everyone on the last day. Aren't we cute?

You can stand under my umbrella. Ella. Ella. Ella.

Condom relay races.

Lindsey and me doing a skit on how to negotiate condom use.

Condom demo!

Teaching yoga. Note that a) the confused look on the face of the volunteer next to me, and b) the fact that I have never done this before.

Me and my students.

At the talent show, we PCVs sang the ridiculous songs I wrote. And Mirinda did an awesome dance to go along with it.

Talent show by candlelight. Have we mentioned we love the electric company here in Masasi?

Volleyball. Most of the girls hadn't played before. Their way of playing is similar to mine: stand there and hope the ball doesn't come near you.

Not only are we health teachers and camp counselors, but we serve the food too.

Practicing self-defense.

The human knot. AKA an american game that didn't really translate well. But they tried.

A peace corps seminar isn't a seminar without tons of flipcharts.