04 May 2008

Application Timeline

January 6: Submitted application
January 12: Received forms in mail saying PC had received my application
January 14: Called to schedule interview
January 18: Interview
January 25: Nominated to Health Extension, Sub-Saharan Africa, June 2008
January 30: Received medical kit in the mail
March 12: Mailed medical kit (note- I was kind of lazy about setting up all of my appointments- I think if I had finished my medical stuff sooner I would have gotten my assignment earlier)
March 20: Toolkit updated saying that PC had received my medical kit
March 21: Dentally cleared
March 27: Received letter from PC saying that my physical form was not legibly signed and dated and that I had to re-send it
April 2: Faxed re-signed and re-dated physical form to Peace Corps
April 3: Medically cleared
April 8: Contacted by Placement Officer about sending a final transcript to PC after graduation. Asked her about changing my departure date to a later date. She said that if I did not leave in June I would probably not be able to leave until February. Decided to keep my original departure date.
April 19: Toolkit updated saying I am an invitee
April 23: Received invitation to Tanzania
April 24: Accepted invitation

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