18 May 2008

My first time leaving the North American continent

I got my travel itinerary in the mail a few days ago. I'm flying from:
Washington DC to Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt to Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich to Dar es Salaam

18 hours and 25 minutes of flight time and about 8460 miles.

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I also recently discovered that my birthday is the same day that Tanzania (well, Tanganyika) became independent from Britain. I don't believe in signs. But if I did, that fact would be really cool.


  1. Dec 9th huh?

    My name is James Maginot and I am a current Environmental Volunteer in Tanzania(health and Environment are very similar and you'll even be training together.) I just wanted to say hi, as i will be meeting you in a couple of weeks upon your arrival here in Tanzania. I'll be helping out with your first months in country during training. I just wanted to offer to you and to any other of your fellow trainees you may have already found on the web, a contact here, for questions, concerns, comments, packing tips or anything else that you may not be too sure of back in the states. So please feel free to contact me at jamesmaginot@gmail.com with antything.

    Safari njema, (Safe travels)


  2. are you starting to freak out yet??? no freaking out. you're gonna have so much fun