15 August 2008

oh tanzania

Things that Tanzanians love that I do not quite understand:
-Shania Twain
-Ugali: Aka a very popular food. The closest translation I have seen for this is stiff porridge. It's corn flour and water and it tastes like nothing. And they love it.
-George Bush: I have seen several people wearing kangas with George Bush's face on them, with a slogan underneath that said something to the effect of "We Cherish Democracy." I have also met a Tanzanian that owns a hat that has pictures of both Bush and Kikwete on it.
-WWE: My host mama watches this every Saturday night.
-Fried dough in any form: I may not know more than 20 verbs in Swahili, but I do know the names of the plethora of fried dough snacks- andazi, chapati, half-keki, donuti, kitumbua.

Things that Tanzanians love that I find highly amusing:
-Celine Dion

12 August 2008

site annoncements

Dear friends,
I am almost done with training. Today I found out where I will be living for the next two years. I will be going to Mtwara Region, which is in southern Tanzania, near Mozambique. It is apparently a few hours away from the beach and very pretty. We are in the capital right now, then we have one more week with our host families and then we move to our sites.

In other news I shadowed another PCV this past week and a Massai family slaughtered a goat for us. I have also bought a cellphone: My number is 785-034-702. The country code for TZ is 255.