15 August 2008

oh tanzania

Things that Tanzanians love that I do not quite understand:
-Shania Twain
-Ugali: Aka a very popular food. The closest translation I have seen for this is stiff porridge. It's corn flour and water and it tastes like nothing. And they love it.
-George Bush: I have seen several people wearing kangas with George Bush's face on them, with a slogan underneath that said something to the effect of "We Cherish Democracy." I have also met a Tanzanian that owns a hat that has pictures of both Bush and Kikwete on it.
-WWE: My host mama watches this every Saturday night.
-Fried dough in any form: I may not know more than 20 verbs in Swahili, but I do know the names of the plethora of fried dough snacks- andazi, chapati, half-keki, donuti, kitumbua.

Things that Tanzanians love that I find highly amusing:
-Celine Dion

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