26 September 2008


New phone number: 0714000743

Am attempting to bike 56 kilometers tomorrow, from my banking town to my village. Being that I haven't ridden a bike in about 5 years, I think this is a fantastic idea.

My activities lately: going to lots of endless government meetings, which usually take place under a cashew or mango tree. The men all sit on one side and the women all sit on the other. Me and the government officials sit in chairs at the front. I generally give a short, terrible speech introducing myself in Swahili, then the people in the village talk about what problems they are having, which mainly have to do with access to water, and people stealing cashews off of other people's cashew trees.


  1. 56 km????? how hot is it there? did you survive? haha


  2. I just had to use google conversion to see how much 56 km was. 34.8 miles! why? did you survive? I'll email you soon.