25 January 2010

Hello world

I was recently going through old papers and notebooks and came across several things I have written to blog about. So today I bring you not one, not two, but FOUR new blog entries. They are in order from most funny to least funny.

Many thanks to everyone who donated, especially the kind people who I have never met in my life. You all make me feel a little better about humanity. I will post updates about the project on here from time to time, assuming I can get to the internet. Hopefully we'll be getting starting on pump-fixing and well-building in a little while after the rains have died down and people are not busy at the farm every day.

As to my life in general, it goes on as usual. The price of tomatoes has sky-rocketed, leaving my food options even more limited. I tried making mango wine, results to be seen in a few weeks. My cat is pregnant again. My house floods on a semi-regular basis now that it has started raining. Bad for me, good for people's corn. Tomorrow I am heading to Iringa to help do a training for the new group of volunteers that arrived last june. School opened this week, so when I get back I will commence teaching again. Other projects going on: starting a PLWHA group; piloting "office hours," ie sitting in the village office at a designated time each week in case people want to ask questions or get condoms; building an information board and question box at the dispensary; hopefully continuing with the testing days and community theater in my area; freaking out because I only have 7 months left in the village and I finally know what things I want to do there.

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